Whether you plan to host a big wedding or conduct a small intimate ceremony, selecting your wedding gift list in advance is something that will no doubt help you and your loved ones select the gifts that will truly mean something.

This is where we come in! The Inside Story Wedding Gift Registry is here to help sort out the challenges that can arise when your loved ones ask what they can gift you in celebration of your big day. 

Gone is the need to register/shop at multiple places. Our one stop virtual gift boutique (and physical showroom) houses a huge array of items spanning across different categories, brands and price points.  

See below our very own tips when it comes to considering a Wedding Gift Registry.

1. Don’t Wait Too Long to Register a Gift Wish List.
Your friends will want to gift you on the get go. Having a Wedding Registry sorted early will help ensure you are gifted the items you genuinely love, need and want.

2. Only Select the Things You Love.
Don’t select items at random. Book an appointment to visit our showroom to meet our friendly Gift Gurus who can help you curate a gift registry that perfectly fits life’s next chapter.

3. Select an Appropriate Date for Delivery
Opt for a registry that will send you an email notification each time a gift is purchased whilst also holding off on shipment until the time is right. Choose the Wedding Registry that puts your needs first.

4. Gifts conducive to Entertaining & Serving is Key.
Think about the items you will need as your lifestyle changes. Couples enjoy entertaining at home together so think about selecting items that will be conducive to home entertainment. What drinks will you serve and what glassware best suits the chosen beverage? How about displaying your flowers in a standout vase, lighting up the place with striking candles or having a cake stand or cheeseboard to hand when serving starters or dessert. Select items to suit every occasion!

Baccarat “Bubble Box” Set of 6 Assorted Champagne Glasses, N557,000; Lalique “Pivoines Vase Purple”, N633,000; Royal Brierley “Harris Blue Water Jug 1.5Ltr, N57,000; LSA “Utility Board Ash & Leather Handle”, N63,000; Christofle “Two Tier Pastry Stand”, N306,000; Halcyon Days Harlequin Filled Candle, N42,500. All available at

5. Be Creative!
You don’t have to commit to just one style; inject variety into your home. Assorted table mats, colourful mugs, interesting candles and beautiful photo frames are far more interesting and visually captivating for both of you and your guests to enjoy.

6. Select Items Across A Range of Price Points.
Your family and friends will be more comfortable if provided with items across a varied price range. Our online website will allow you to filter items within categories by price (low to high or visa versa).

Flamingo Porcelain 17 Pcs Tea Set, N12,913; Alessi “Il Caffe Alessi” 4 Sugar Coffee Spoon Set, N19,500; Christofle “Mood” Set of 6 Expresso Spoons, N190,000; Baccarat “Harcourt” Red Tray & Coffee Set, N167,000; LSA “Polka” Coffee Set Metallic Assorted x 4, N44,000. All available at
SONY 43 Inch 4K ULTRA HD SMART TV, N317,331; Panda 39 Inch HD LED TV, N87,719. All available at

7. Consider Registering Special & Standout Products.
There will be some guests that wish to gift you something memorable. To avoid them going off registry, make sure you select some standout items that you can show off in your new home.

Baccarat “Harcourt Candlestick Pair”, N221,500; SONY Home Theatre System, N252,632; Lalique 2 Swallows Sapphire Blue, N661,500. All available at

8. Consider It A Joint Venture
Your home is something you and your partner will share together. Put aside time to contemplate how your new home will look and consider what will make the two of you happy. When it comes to creating a Wedding Gift Registry, make a date out of it!

9. Shop in Person
Whilst the ease and convenience of shopping online exists, we encourage you to come by our showroom to test out items in person.

10. Be Grateful & Have Fun
The idea that so many of your loved ones wish to bestow gifts on you is a wonderful thing. Relish and take gratitude in the process and don’t forget the Thank You Notes!

Become a Sushi Master

You can vary the recipes using salmon, tuna, vegetables as well as chicken! Be creative! All you need to do is put the rice in the mould, use the press to make a cavity in the rice, place your ingredients inside, close the mould and pull out a perfect roll with the pusher.

It’s easy, peasy, JAPAN-Sooshi-EZE!

Its all fun and games when Gin O’Clock rolls around!

The generous bowl allows aromatic gin botanicals, mixers and citrus garnish to blend together, while the long stem prevents the hand from warming up the glass.

The meaning behind The Baccarat Butterfly

‘Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly’.

Butterflies are deep and powerful representations of life. Many cultures associate the butterfly with our souls. Around the world, people view the butterfly as representing endurance, change, hope, and life.

Whether as a place setting, a gift or a decorative item, the charming crystal lucky butterfly from Baccarat emanates a sweet touch of happiness and hope.